MLM Softwares Features

MLM Software with 100+ Features

From a single source of truth, you can exceed customer expectations & build stronger Network.

Connect with your distributors across sales, customer service, marketing, analytics and more with Our Ingenious Direct Selling Software. With Our Dynamic & Smart Modules, our Software solutions can customised and scaled quickly to the meet needs of small, medium and large-sized businesses as they grow.

Grow your business at every step.

Ingenious Features

Robust & Flexible Architecture

With the help of Our Dynamic & Smart Modules, We can perform the changes, any point of time, without effecting the ongoing business.

CMS Based Website

Allows a user, even with limited expertise, to add, modify, and remove content from a website without the intervention of Our Team.

4 In One System

Sales + Services + Marketing + Product Manager

Highly Secured

Perfecting protection through advanced security management and services like Cloud Computing, Ip Tables, Cloudflare, SSL and so on...

Super Crafted!

Crafted with Laravel, VueJs, Nested sets Concept, Eloquent ORM, Material Design, AWS S3, Postgresql & many more...

Pluggable architecture

Helps to improve scalability which assists to cater future needs or requirements.

Unlimited Multiple Admin Manager

Multiple Admin Account which make your management very easy & Keep your Company / Data Secure

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods in creating a strong digital presence of the business...

Compatible With Any Plan

Have the ability to combine business plans together for customizing the options.

Referral with Social Sharing

Team Member can make refer or invite other users using our Social Media Integration

Email & SMS Notifications

Our System automatically sends an Email or delivers SMS notifications to your customers & Distributors

Multiple Payment Mode

Large Range of Payment Options like Credit & Debit Cards, Netbanking, Cash, Cheque, DD, Bank Transfer, UPI and Popular Wallets

Responsive UI

Website & Software View that fits all the Devices

Data Security

Encrypted Password & Individual User Token for Two way Data Transaction

Data Backup

Daily Data Backup & Stored in remote location

Version Control System

Ingenious Software Project managed with Version Control System for Better Development & Security

Your GST Manager

One Click Short GST Report of Your Sales & Purchases

Business Analysis Report

Total Income, Total Out going and Balance Summary

Support Chat for Distributor

Solve Distributor problems and close cases faster from a single console screen

E-Commerce Enabled

Unlimited Product Listing with Variations & Attribute, Cart Manager, Addressbook etc...

Multi Language

Spread business globally with multiple language option.

Commission eWallet Manager

Provides up-to-date & clear information on earned and expected commission and incentives.

KYC Document Confirmation

Do Verification Easily of Your Customer's Documents like Aadhar Card, Passport, Pancard etc...

Multiple Wallet

Fund Transfer or Deposit Wallet, Purchase Wallet, E-commerce Wallet, Income Wallet etc.

Internal Transfer

User to User Wallet Transfer Facility

Admin Activity Log Manager

To maintain the Transparency & Security, Our System provides Admin Logs too


Export Your Every Numerous Report in Excel Format

Master Search

One Searchbar for everything from filters to data column...

Filter With Our Date Filter

Export & Search the Report from Our Master Date Filter

Package Module

You are the BOSS, Create any Joining / TopUp Package from Your Admin Account

Pin Module

Secure Pin Manager, Transfer & Create nth Number of Pin, Track Pin History

Pin Request Manager

Pin Request Manager with Receipt Upload Options for Distributor

Deposit Fund Request Manager

Deposit Fund Request Manager with Receipt Upload Options for Distributor

Admin Account Activity

Admin Account Login Activity Tracking

Admin to User Access

Admin Account to User Account Access for Better Management

Payment Stop

Payment Stop and Start Option for any Distributor

Account Terminate / Block

Block or Terminate any Distributor's Account as per your need

Generate POWER

Create Power Leg from Admin for Leader Management

Graphical View

Graphical View Explanation for Your Company's Business

Reward Management

Static & Dynamic Award / Reward Manager

Website Grievance System

As per Government of India Grievance System for Website Visitor & Distributor

Member / User Manager

Manage Your Each & Every User Profile From Admin

Personalized Welcome Letter

To Welcome & Encourage Your Distributor

Receipt Printing

Product & Package Receipt Format as Per GST Format

Member Upgradation

Subscription or Account Upgrade option

Account / Subscription Renewal

Renewal of Subscription or Account option

Income in Detail

Plan / Business Logic wise Income Details in User & Admin Panel

User Ticket Support

User / Distributor Ticket Support System Chat System with category Manager

Multiple Timezone Support

Region wise Date & Time Support

Setting Master

Global Setting Master for Your Software

Image Manager

Your Website Banner or Popup / Advertisement Manager

News Manager

Broadcast Your Message to Each & Every User

Photo / Video Gallery Manager

Publish Your Events or Achievements in Front of the World

Ingenious Payout Services / Calculation

You can process your Team Payout at Your Selected time...

Payout Analysis

Payout Report, Analysis & Bank Format Excel Sheet Export Option

TDS Report

TDS Report with Each Payout Cycle for Every User

Bulk Payout Option

Bank Format Excel Sheet Export Option for Bulk Payout

Instant Withdrawal

Distributor can do instant Withdrawal to their Account

Payout / Bank API

Instant Withdrawal using Bank Api Connection or other Third Party Private Company

Wallet Control & transaction

Control the User Wallet with Credit & Debit Option

Team report within Seconds

Thanks to our ORM technology, User will get whole team report within seconds

User Referral & Levels

Report & Details of Referral Users & their Levels

Dashboard Analytics

Business, Income & Plan Summary from Direct Dashboard

Achiever Report

Achiever Qualification Report with Timeline

Business Tree

Advance & minimal Tree View with Mouse-over information

Tree Signup

Direct Sign up or Registration From vacant place from Tree

Binary Status

Track Record for Binary Plan with New & Carry Forward Users

Multiple Plan Combination

Integrate Multiple Plan i) Binary + Repurchase ii) Matrix + UniLevel + Repurchase or Many...

Inventory Listing

Direct Inventory & Product Listing Listing

Product Category

List Your Inventory in different Categories

Inventory with Business

Set Manual or Automatic BV or PV with Products

Repurchase in Accurate Time

Powerful Backend Task Scheduler for Repurchase Logic Calculation

Pin Franchisee

Create or Update Franchisee For Pin Login & Generate Commission

Inventory / Stock Manager

Product / Item Inventory Management between Stock Points, Franchisee & Warehouse

Repurchase Franchisee Hierarchy

Franchisee Hierarchy CnF >> Stock Point >> Master Franchisee >> Mini franchisee etc..

Repurchase Franchisee: Supply

Item Supply System for various Hierarchy CnF >> Stock Point >> Master Franchisee >> Mini franchisee etc..

Repurchase: Stock return at Franchisee

Perfect Return System for Franchisee Module

Repurchase Franchisee: POS System

Barcode Scanner Enabled POS System in Repurchase Based Franchisee System

Repurchase Franchisee: Franchisee Wallet

Create, Manage & Withdrawal of Franchisee Wallet

Product Ranking System

Product Ranking System for Franchisee & Admin Panel

Order Management

Order Management for E-commerce Module

Link between Multiple Platform

Interlinking between Your MLM Business Logic & E-Commerce or Franchisee Platform


Multicurrency Support for Business

Image Resize

Automatic image resize for Best Look & Fast load Speed

Support for Cryptocurrency

Build Your Network with Well known Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Gateways

Do enrollment of Your Customer using Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

BlockChain SmartContract

Make Your System decentralized using Error Free SmartContract

RealTime Calculation

Why wait for end of the day to reflect income in Wallet, Just add Business & Get Income

Testing with Millions

Tried & tested on more than 5 million+ records

Micro Finance System

Micro Transaction History for User & Admin Panel

Shopping Delivery System

Integrate Fedex, Delhivery or ShipRocket with Our Ingenious Software for Better Shopping Delivery Experience

Data Transfer or Switching to Our Software

Transfer third party Other Software Data to Our System is very easy & Quick

Repurchase Club Income Manager

Car Fund, House Fund or Any other Fund Club Income & Reporting

GEO Tracking

Track Your Franchisee or Vendor Location in Google Map

Registration / Joining Types

Joining Types: Full Paid, Partial or Free

Address Label

Create Address Label in Bulk to make your delivery system easier

Customized re-shuffling

Re-shuffling of Tree or Sponsor Structure

Payout Report Import

Import Data with Payout Transfer Details to Our System

Nested Set

Applied Big Data management Concept in Tree Structure for Quick Results

User Login Activity

IP Tracking & Timezone for User Login Activity

Google Auth

Google Bot & Google Auth Login Option available for More Security